Agronomy Weekly (July 5th)

Welcome to another edition of Agronomy Weekly. We're a one week away from aerification, so here are the latest updates and previews from the golf course:


Green heights will remain at 0.095" and will be raised for the July 12th post-aerification mowing. Weather permitting, we plan to have the green completed by the evening of July 11th, followed by the recovery process and lowering of the mowing heights until we reach out 0.095" or less.

Tees, Fairways & Rough

The consistent rainfall throughout the year has allowed these areas optimal growth over the last few weeks. Through these wet periods, we are able to mow tees and fairways on a regular schedule but may utilize a "championship" cut as needed in the rough. This cut will prioritize mowing the rough around the tees, greens and 15 to 20 feet around each fairway. Once all holes are completed, the rough mowers will start over and complete mowing the remainder of the rough.

Range Tees & Par 3 Tees

These areas will be aerified and heavily topdressed as needed throughout the closed days during aerification (July 10th-11th and July 17th-18th). This process will assist in recovery and provide optimal turf throughout the rest of the growing season and winter months.

lacement of Par 3 tees will be rotated to accommodate this process while still allowing optimal teeing grounds.


Pump repairs on No. 2 and 13 have been completed. Repairs on Spring Creek down No. 18 have been postponed until we see four to five days without precipitation in the forecast.

Tree Pruning

Pruning of low tree limbs will continue throughout the season as needed. This will allow more sunlight to the grass below while also enhancing views throughout the course.

As always, I'm available at if you have any questions or comments. Have a great week!