Agronomy Weekly (August 23rd)

Good afternoon, and welcome to another Agronomy Weekly!

First Tee Time Changes

After Labor Day weekend, the first tee times in the morning will move to 8:00 am Tuesday through Friday and 7:30 am on Saturday and Sunday.


An aggressive vertical mowing in two directions took place August 21st and 22nd.  This will help in alleviating any excess thatch or grain that developed from the quick grow-in process following aerification. 

The weekly sand topdressing will be applied Thursday of this week to help increase firmness and ball roll.  Height of cut will remain at 0.090’’, and we will be lowering the “clean-up lap” around the edges to reduce the appearance of different heights.

Ball Marks

The firmness of the greens is reduced with increased rainfall.  Please repair all ball marks.

Tees, Fairways & Rough

With all the recent rainfall, these areas are healthy and growing quickly!  Lowering all of the rough height to 2’’ should be completed over the next few weeks if weather permits.  A second weekly mowing will still be utilized in our immediate rough or “membership cut."


Sand depths throughout bunkers will continue to be checked and liners repaired as needed.  An ideal bunker should have 4’’ in the bottom, 3’’ on slopes and 2’’ or less on the face.  Additional bunker sand may be added as needed.   

#2 Creek

Parts to repair the creek on #2 are expected to be installed and creek running by the end of the week.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions, comments or concerns at