Agronomy Weekly (August 2nd)

Good afternoon, and welcome to another edition of Agronomy Weekly.

Greens (22 days post-aerification)

The greens' height of cut is currently at 0.095’’, and speeds are continuing to increase post-aerification.  Weekly sand topdressing was applied followed by the greens roller Wednesday morning, August 2nd.  Lower fertility rates combined with a growth regulator will promote slower growth and a denser turf throughout the rest of the season. 

Tees & Fairways (15 days post-aerification) 

Excessive post-aerification growth is beginning to slow, and we should expect to see a much tighter turf canopy over the next week.  Applications of growth regulator, light fertility and wetting agents will continue to be applied on a monthly basis.   

Growth regulators:

  • Enhances rooting
  • Promotes a smaller leaf blade
  • Reduces vertical growth

Light fertility agents:

  • Provides an adequate nutrition source for the plant without promoting excessive growth 

Wetting agents:

  • Breaks the surface tension of water, enhancing drainage through the top layer of soil
  • Promotes a more consistent distribution of moisture in the soil
  • Reduces the amount of hydrophobic areas (areas that water will not infiltrate)


The immediate rough surrounding each fairway will continue to be cut at a height of 2’’ while the remaining 90 acres will be cut at 2.5’’.  Areas cut at the 2’’ height will continue to be expanded over time and mowed twice weekly (weather permitting).   

Dry/Wet Areas: 

With very little rainfall over the past few weeks, we will continue to rely on hand watering, sprinklers and the irrigation system to manage soil moistures.  It is our goal to water only as needed to promote drier/firmer playing conditions.   

Comfort Station Walk Paths: 

The railroad crosstie walk paths at No. 5 and No. 13 comfort stations will be removed and replaced with a brown rubber mulch.

No. 2 Creek:

A leak has developed in the pond's overflow pipe that supplies the pump station for No. 2 Creek.  Once the water level reaches the break in the pipe, repairs will be made and the lake will be refilled.

Please feel free to reach out to me at if you have any questions or comments.