Agronomy Weekly (August 30th)

Good afternoon, and welcome to another edition of Agronomy Weekly.


With 2" of rainfall on Monday and current weather predictions calling for up to 6" of rain over the next two days, all scheduled maintenance practices will not be completed this week.  We are currently preparing by mowing the entire course by Wednesday afternoon and planning for major bunker work and debris cleanup on Friday.


Greens' height of cut is currently at 0.100’’ and may be lowered slightly for next week’s event.  This week’s topdressing/vertical mowing will be postponed until next Tuesday due to the rain in the forecast.  A heavy rainfall shortly after a sand topdressing will wash the sand into piles below all slopes on greens resulting in a timely cleanup.  

Tees & Fairways

Fairway's height of cut is currently at 0.500’’ and tees at 0.450’’.  Consistent rainfall throughout the year has resulted in very healthy, dense and green turf.  While we all prefer dry conditions, this will have a positive impact on our turf going into dormancy. 


Immediate rough is currently at 2’’ and the remaining at 2.5’’.  Our goal is to have all the rough at 2’’ before dormancy, and possibly drop to a height around 1.75’’ for next year’s golf season.   


Monday’s 2’’ rainfall caused most sand on bunker faces to wash to the bottom of each bunker.  While all sand was redistributed throughout Monday and Tuesday, we are expecting another washout Wednesday evening, Thursday and possibly Friday morning.  Weather permitting, bunkers will be repaired Friday along with debris cleanup.

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