Agronomy Weekly (August 9th)

Good afternoon, and welcome to another Agronomy Weekly:

Greens (29 Days Post-Aerification):

Greens' height of cut has been lowered to 0.090’’ followed by the weekly sand topdressing and rolling.  Vertical mowers were utilized Monday going two different directions to help prevent grain and the accumulation of thatch.     

Ball Marks:

At this low height of cut, the mowers will begin scalping ball marks on the greens, which takes weeks to heal.  Please repair all ball marks properly.

Tees & Fairways (22 Days Post-Aerification) 

Growth is beginning to slow from the aerification and recovery process.  Tee and approach heights have been lowered back to 0.450’’ and fairways at 0.500’’.  They will remain at these heights throughout the season and raised slightly in the fall. 


Rough heights range from 2.0’’-2.5’’.  The “membership cut” or “first cut” is mowed at 2.0’’ twice weekly while the remaining rough is mowed once weekly at 2.5’’.  The 2.0’’ cut will continue to be expanded weekly with the goal of all rough being a 2.0’’ height.  Once achieved, we will continue mowing the membership/first cut twice weekly with the remaining rough mowed once weekly.   

#2 Creek:

The creek located on #2 is currently being drained in order to fix a leak in the over flow/drainage pipe.  Once the water level reaches the break in the pipe, repairs will be made, the lake will be filled, and creek will be turned back on.

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