Agronomy Weekly (September 14th)

Good afternoon, and welcome to another edition of Agronomy Weekly. 

Weather and Disease

The course received 1.5’’ of rainfall over the past two days with very little sunlight and cool temperatures.  We will begin scouting for Large Patch (Rhizoctonia Solani) throughout the fairways and roughs.  This disease is characterized by its circular patches which will appear orange in color when the disease is active.  Treatments will be applied as needed, and the disease will become inactive after the first heavy frost.


Greens' height of cut is currently at 0.100’’.  Growth is beginning to slow with the cooler night time temperatures, and maintenance practices will be adjusted to accommodate.

Sand topdressings will be lighter, and vertical mowing will be reduced in both depth and frequency.  Daily mowing and rolling will continue through September and October and be reduced after the first frost.   

Tees & Fairways

Tees' height of cut is currently 0.425’’ and fairways 0.500’’.  An application of growth regulator will be made as soon as weather permits to help slow the growth, reduce clippings and create a denser turf canopy through these times of consistent rainfall. 

Tee Expansions

We are continuing to expand tee box square footages where possible in order to provide more teeing space throughout the winter months.  #13 and #17 were expanded earlier this year, and #1, #2, #4 and #5 expanded this week.  Multiple sand topdressings will help re-level areas and raising/lowering of sod will be done as needed.   


All 90 acres of rough will be cut at a height of 2’’ this week.  Late week mowings will continue to be utilized as needed and weather permits.

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