Agronomy Weekly (September 27th)

Good afternoon, and welcome to another edition of Agronomy Weekly. 


Greens' height of cut is currently at 0.100’’.  A light vertical mowing was performed this morning followed by our greens mower.

A light sand topdressing will be applied Thursday morning after mowing, followed by the greens roller to work the sand into the turf canopy.  These practices help prevent grain and thatch accumulation while also providing a smoother ball roll and firmer surface.   

Tees & Fairways

Tees' height of cut is currently 0.425’’ and fairways at 0.500’’.  Fairways are beginning to firm up with the recent lack of rainfall.  Irrigation cycles in the fairway landing zones will be very light and used only as needed.  Last week's application of growth regulator/penetrant will assist in providing a firmer surface and increase the density of the turf.  


The rough's height of cut will remain at 2’’ throughout the rest of the year.  The lack of rainfall combined with cooler temperatures in the forecast should reduce the amount growth compared to what we have seen in past months.   

Native Areas

Native areas throughout the course will be cut once more later in the fall and as needed throughout the winter.  A light application of fertilizer will be made late fall to give the fescue an advantage over any of the warm season grass species.   


Bunkers are being edged this week and once more after dormancy.  With no major rainfall in the forecast, we will begin smoothing all faces/slopes as we did in the past.  Our goal is to provide a thin, compacted layer of sand to prevent balls from plugging.  Checking sand depths and repairing of bunkers liners will continue throughout the fall.  Sand will be moved/added throughout the bunkers as needed to provide optimal depths. 

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