Agronomy Weekly (September 6th)

Good afternoon, and welcome to another edition of Agronomy Weekly.

Last Week's Rainfall

The course received 2 inches of rain last Monday followed by another storm and 6.75 inches on Thursday.  Bunker repair and most of the debris removal was completed Friday to prepare the course for the weekend. Carts were off the path by Saturday morning!  


Greens height of cut is currently at 0.100 inches.  Vertical mowing followed by a sand topdressing was performed on Tuesday to prepare for this week’s TGA Mid-Amateur.  A light irrigation cycle of 1-2 minutes will be used each morning prior to mowing/rolling to help remove the dew from leaf blades and prevent topdressing sand from tracking across the greens.   

Tees & Fairways

Tee heights are currently at .425 inches and fairways at .500 inches.  Continuous rainfall throughout the year has provided a very dense and healthy stand of turf.  Mowing frequencies will be increased to help manage the excess growth from last week’s abundant supply of rain.  A fall application of potassium will be made to enhance rooting and prepare the turf for the upcoming winter.  

Tee Expansion

Multiple tees throughout the course will be expanded over the next few weeks to reduce traffic and provide more square footage for the winter months.  Certain areas will need a heavy sand topdressing, re-leveling and an extra application of fertilizer to promote recovery before this winter.  Tee markers will be placed to accommodate this expansion, and we expect to see an excess amount of growth until all of these areas recover.


Rough heights will remain 2 to 2.5 inches and cut once this week.  Bi-weekly mowing will resume next week and throughout the fall.  The lower height of cut will continue to be expanded until all rough reaches 2 inches. 

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