SCR Closed Sunday, Re-Opening Tuesday

SCR will remain closed Sunday due to freezing temperatures and dangerous road conditions. While also being unable to receive incoming product this weekend, all facilities will be re-open Tuesday.

The greens will remain covered early in the week and will be re-evaluated as the upcoming forecast clears up. Tuesday dining will be limited to Grab-n-Go selections and bar services.

We welcome you back Wednesday with special offerings, including a Prime Rib Night dinner, French Veal Chops, and several new Ranch Menu items, including a crispy shrimp app.

Please review our upcoming schedule listed below:

Sunday, January 14th:

  • All facilities will be closed

Monday, January 15th:

  • All facilities will be closed

Tuesday, January 16th:

  • Greens will remain covered
  • F&B will operate under Grab-n-Go and bar services only

Wednesday, January 17th:

  • Greens will remain covered
  • F&B will operate under regular hours of operation
  • Dinner specials will include Prime Rib Dinner, French Veal Chops and some new additions to the Ranch Menu!