Agronomy Weekly (3/21)

Welcome to the first edition of Agronomy Weekly in 2018.


Greens height of cut will remain at 0.155’’ throughout the month of March and lowered as the nighttime temperatures begin to increase. A combination of mowing/rolling will maintain a smooth uniform surface. 

Throughout this time of transition, you may notice striping/odd patterns on some of the greens.  This is a result of snow/rain accumulation on certain areas of the tarps resulting in warmer soil temperatures.  The lighter areas appear to be healthy and will continue to decrease in size as the temperatures continue to rise.   

Tees & Fairways

The tees and fairways are continuing to green up with the warmer temperatures and plentiful rainfall.  Mowing will continue 1-2 times weekly as weather allows and will increase as needed once warmer nights promote growth.   

#8 Bunker

The restoration of the large bunker on #8 will continue over the next few weeks.  Shaping of the walls/faces will continue as weather permits.  Sod will be delivered and installed as soon as dry conditions allow to prevent any erosion.  

The next step will be to clean drain lines, add a gravel layer, apply the Better Billy Bunker polymer, and add sand to the correct depths.  Once complete, this bunker will look much like the original with a grass face and soft slope.

Range Tees

The South Range is beginning to green up and will be covered with tarps to promote growth once the night time temperatures increase.  We expect to be off the mats sometime early to mid May as weather allows. 

The over-seeded North Range tee will continue to be open daily.  A bi-weekly fertility program will be utilized to re-establish the Bermuda once night time temperatures allow for optimal growing conditions.