Agronomy Weekly (Pre-Aerification)

Good afternoon, and welcome to another Agronomy Weekly. This week we will cover recent maintenance practices, environmental factors & the upcoming aerification process.

Recent Weather & The Effects on Turf

Over the past week, we have experienced high temperatures, high humidity & rainfall.

  • High temperatures = increases growth in warm-season turf
  • High humidity = turfgrass leaves retain moisture & increase in size
  • Rainfall = increases growth, plant health & nutrient uptake

Aerification Practices (July 9th-10th)

  • Hollow tines for greens
    • Vertical mow two directions at a depth of 1/6"
    • Remove cores using a 3/8" hollow tine to a depth of 4"
    • Remove all debris from greens & surroundings
    • Fill holes with sand; work evenly into holes/turf canopy
  • Solid tines for fairways & rough
  • Routine maintenance & mowing

Aerification Practices (July 16th-17th)

  • Dryject sand injection of greens
    • Dry sand will be injected with a high-pressure water pump at a 3"x3" spacing
    • This process helps alleviate compaction & smooth out the greens surfaces after the core aerification process
    • For more on the dryject process, visit
  • Routine maintenance & mowing


The height of cut will remain at 0.090’’ throughout the weekend and will be raised to 0.130’’ during Wednesday’s post-aerification mowing. 

Growth regulators will be reduced post-aerification for one week to promote a quick recovery, and increased the following week to reduce growth, leaf blade size & increase speeds/consistency.  

Vertical mowing & sand topdressing will remain a weekly practice throughout the growing season.

Tees & Fairways

Aerification of the tees was completed Monday, July 2nd. 

Fairways & rough will take place July 9th & 10th and completed by July 16th & 17th.  Growth regulator applications on fairways have been reduced to ensure a quick recovery process; applications will resume on the 16th.


The recent weather patterns have provided the perfect environment for a thick, healthy rough.  Our “Membership Cut” will begin next week and continue throughout the growing season.  This practice involves mowing all 90 acres of rough early in the week, followed by a late-week mowing of rough that surrounds fairways and greens.

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