Walk-By from the Pro


Hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of July, and you still have all 10 fingers and toes.  July has started off as a scorcher and doesn’t look to be cooling off anytime soon.  Be sure when you visit, you utilize our coolers and drink stations to stay cool and hydrated.

July 4th Flag Competition

If you didn’t have the opportunity to visit us for the holiday, we had a July 4th Flag Competition.  Players were able to utilize their handicap to see how far they could make it around the course before planting their flag.  We had 6 players make it beyond 18 holes and proceed to #1. 

Steve Fracchia won the competition by getting closest to the hole on #1.  He was followed by Chuck Newell, Richard Proctor, Bob Moore and Todd Becker, who also won shop credit.  Thanks again for those who participated and enjoyed the day at the Ranch!


Just a reminder, we will start the aerification process this Monday and Tuesday, July 9th and 10th, and continue the following Monday and Tuesday, July 16th and 17th.  All facilities with exception to the Fitness Center will be closed on these days. 

The plan is to aerify the greens and then proceed with tees, fairways and rough.  We will also be working on bunker maintenance during this time.

Upcoming Event - The Cruise to Paradise: Couples Event

We have a couples' event, the Cruise to Paradise, on July 21st.  It will start at 4:00 pm with a 4-person scramble (two couples) and continue with dinner after play. The format will be a 9-hole scramble. Please call the Golf Shop to sign up.

Upcoming Event - The Bloodline: Parent-Junior Championship

We also have the Bloodline this month.  The Bloodline is a Parent-Child event that is being played on July 29th.  The format will be a 2-person scramble.  We will have appetizers and beverages following play.  Sign up today!

Junior Accomplishments

If you didn’t see the email, our juniors are kickin’ tail this summer.  Make a point to check and see all the wins and high finishes our juniors are acquiring!

2018 TGA State Amateur

Next month, we have the privilege of hosting the 2018 Tennessee State Amateur.  The tournament will be held August 6th-10th.  Be sure to check updates on golf course availability.  For those that are participating, play well!

Thanks for checking in this week for the Walk-By.  Be sure to visit the Golf Shop in the next couple weeks as we have several new brands in the golf shop.  Linksoul and Fennec are just a couple of the new brands that will make a debut!

Keep the birdies rolling,

Matthew R. Brock, PGA