Weekend Specials

Start off the New Year with three delicious ingredients at the Ranch. These special ingredients are always received in limited quantities, so please pre-order with your reservation if you desire.

  • 60-Day Dry-Aged Bone-In Ribeye - this 20-oz bone-in cut has been dry-aged for no less than 60 days; the flavor develops & matures during this process, giving it a deep beef flavor with a hint of roasted nuts

  • Butterfish - also known as "Walu" or "White Tuna" and found in deep tropical waters, this fish features brilliant white flesh with a satiny texture & a rich succulent flavor; the texture derives from a high fat content, comparable to the fattiest tuna

  • Hamachi Yellowtail - this fish can be rich, smooth & buttery with a deep, almost smokey, flavor; Hamachi is traditionally served sashimi-style, the best way to enjoy its flavor