Fishing Policy 2019

Please read over the SCR fishing policy. Because golf is our main focus at Spring Creek Ranch, all rules and regulations have been inserted to ensure the best experience for our golfers.

  • Spring Creek Ranch members and cabin guests (accompanied by SCR members) are allowed to fish Tuesdays through Sundays when the course is open for member play.

  • All members and cabin guests must check in with the Golf Shop before and after fishing.

  • Fishing attire expectations are the same as our golf attire expectations - no jeans, no cutoff shorts, shirts tucked in and hats worn forward. Additionally, men's shirts must have collars.

  • Fishing is allowed on Holes No. 6 and No. 16 in defined areas ONLY.

  • When checking in, all members and cabin guests must sign a waiver of liability form (kept on file) and will be provided a fishing pass.

  • All juniors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Please park golf carts in designated parking areas. These are shown on the fishing passes.

  • Fishing on Hole No. 6 is allowed on the north side of the lake between the fishing boundary markers.

  • Fishing on Hole No. 16 is allowed on the levee between the boundary markers.

  • When checking in, please ask the Golf Shop an appropriate time to return the golf cart.

  • All fishing on the lakes is "catch and release" as quickly and safely to the fish as possible.

  • Please ensure that no trash (excess fishing line, bait, hooks, etc.) is left behind during your fishing experience.