Yoga is Growing; Join us on Thursday

Thursday mornings will feature a new yoga class at the Event Center at 9:30am! Contact Margaret Hall if you are interested in attending. We'd love to see you there! Wednesday and Friday classes will remain at 9am in the Ladies Locker Room.

Temporary Phone Issue

We are temporarily unable to receive incoming phone calls. Techs are currently working on the issue. To contact us, please email us at

Nicklaus Room Closed Due to High Temps

The motherboard controlling the Nicklaus Room A/C unit was damaged during Thursday's lightning storm. Due to high temperatures, the Nicklaus Room will be until further notice.

The unit controlling the main hallway was installed Thursday and is expected to be fully operational.

Both units are expected to be fully operational Monday or Tuesday.

A/C Work Thursday Morning; Traffic Update

Thursday morning, a crane will be used to replace an A/C that controls the air in the Golf House. The crane will block the main driveway before the bag drop. Incoming traffic will be re-directed through the back of the parking lot.

This will take place from 7:00 am through the early afternoon.

Please rake all bunkers

When you hit into a bunker, it is your responsibility to rake the bunker behind you. This is not only golf etiquette, but a policy we have have established in our member expectations and responsibilities. If you are aware of anyone who consistently doesn't rake their bunker behind them, please notify me at 



Tree Down on Raleigh LaGrange

There is a tree down on Raleigh LaGrange Road close to Collierville-Arlington.

If you are headed to the Ranch and normally take Raleigh LaGrange:
We advise turning onto Monterey Road off of Raleigh LaGrange, then making a right on to Collierville-Arlington.

If you are leaving the Ranch and normally take Raleigh LaGrange:
We advise you take Collierville-Arlington South to Shelton <or> take Collierville-Arlington Road North out of property and make a quick left on Monterey Road. You will then make a right onto Raleigh-LaGrange.