Tree Down on Raleigh LaGrange

There is a tree down on Raleigh LaGrange Road close to Collierville-Arlington.

If you are headed to the Ranch and normally take Raleigh LaGrange:
We advise turning onto Monterey Road off of Raleigh LaGrange, then making a right on to Collierville-Arlington.

If you are leaving the Ranch and normally take Raleigh LaGrange:
We advise you take Collierville-Arlington South to Shelton <or> take Collierville-Arlington Road North out of property and make a quick left on Monterey Road. You will then make a right onto Raleigh-LaGrange. 

Post Thunderstorm

After the unexpected thunderstorm, we were without electricity for 30 minutes. In preparation of tonight's special event and dinner reservations, we will not be offering our warm food menus until further notice. Bar services, and grab & go, will remain available. We will keep you posted. Thanks!

Agronomy Weekly - Updates on the Course

Summertime temperatures are finally here, and we are off to a great start with grass beginning to grow! After a long, cold winter followed by a wet spring, the course is in great condition with no damage to fairways, tees or rough.

Based on extreme winter conditions, we've experienced some lack of grass coverage on a few greens. We're utilizing the small chipping green near the wedge area as a nursery to replace the affected areas

Given the extreme winter, we feel very fortunate to provide these solutions. Similar to the improvements to the teeing grounds on #5, we are looking into the best solutions to overcome highly shaded areas, lower sunlight areas, and north-facing slope areas.

Read Agronomy Weekly for more about the latest Agronomy projects, including the bunker renovation on #8 and the cart path near #6 tees.