Agronomy Weekly: October 4th

Good Afternoon, and welcome to another Agronomy Weekly! This week’s newsletter will be focused on the preparations for the fall & winter seasons.


Greens height of cut will be raised in increments of 0.010’’ over the next 4-5 weeks as forecasted temperatures are beginning to decrease.  These increased heights will protect against the cold spells throughout the winter months and promote a deeper root system for the plant.  Frequent topdressing and rolling are utilized to increase speeds and smoothness throughout this seasonal transition.

Tees & Fairways:

Our Meyer Zoysia fairways and Palisades Zoysia rough exhibit great cold tolerance, and heights will not be raised for the winter. 

As temperatures decrease throughout the fall, we will begin scouting for a turf disease known as Rhizoctonia Solani or “Zoysia Patch.”  Symptoms become visible and appear as orange circular patches through periods of cool temperatures and high moisture content.  Based on weather patterns and severity of the disease, 1-2 applications of a product will be applied to prevent/cure any outbreaks.   

Range Tees:

The North End, South End and Wedge Arena tees will be over-seeded to provide optimal teeing grounds throughout the fall and winter.  We should begin to see seed emerge the week of October 8th and last through March or April of 2019.   

#6 Irrigation Repair:

A crack in our 6’’ irrigation mainline is currently under repair.  All specialty parts are on order and will be installed once they arrive.  A repair of this size is expected to take 2-3 days once started to ensure a reliable long-term solution. 

#7 Cart Path:

A small section of cart path has been excavated to repair a small break in the 48’’ drain line.  Once the repair is completed, a layer of gravel will be used as cart path for 2 weeks to provide optimal compaction of the subsoil, followed by pouring a new section of exposed aggregate to match the current cart path.